Sunday, August 24, 2008

Homecoming bonfire pictures???

I was wondering if anyone who reads the blog would have pictures of the homecoming bonfire? Maybe in electronic format? Thanks everyone. I thought the reunion was great and it was awesome to see everyone.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rebecca Holt Kufeld

Hello Everyone! I am sorry we were not able to see everyone for the reunion. But promise I will be in attendance at our 20th! I have really enjoyed seeing pictures of everyone and finding out what everyone has been up to since graduation. Thanks for sharing! :)

After graduation I attended Ricks College and then moved to Logan and attended Utah State, got my license and sold real estate. Then for a tumult of reasons landed in Reno, NV. And got a job working at Intuit for several years, and then landed my dream job as the Payroll and Benefits Manager at Sugarbowl Ski Resort outside Tahoe.

Eventually a mutual friend introduced me to the love of my life, Joshua Owen Kufeld. He proposed a year later in front of 1,500 people at our annual dance recital. (See picture) We were married last April and now reside in Elko, NV. I am the proud step-mother of two beautiful children, Bryson Hunter (9) and Alyssa Reese (7). Josh and I are discussing having one of our own down the road….but we aren’t in any hurry. We are just enjoying our time together.

Josh currently works as a Service/Sales Manager for a Salt Lake based company, Statefire/DC Specialties and I work for a German based company, Liebherr Mining Equipment as the Human Resources Manager. We both teach a couple of classes at Studio 425 here in Elko. Josh is a professional freestyle hip-hop dancer and we danced professionally together in Reno before our move to Elko. Josh teaches hip-hop and I teach jazz, modern, and ballet. (Just to clarify, I did become a good dancer AFTER I graduated from High School. I know I was terrible in high school, but I became much better after studying with some amazing instructors in Utah, Reno, and all over the Bay Area!) Josh and I keep busy by attending dance workshops, attempting to fish every body of water in the western states, camping along the way, hunting, traveling to warm locations, and the eternal project of renovating our historic 100 year old home in Elko. Home Depot loves us! Even though ten years ago I imagined my life much different than it is now, I couldn’t be happier! J See you all at the 20 year reunion if not sooner! :)

Monday, August 18, 2008

Melissa Nielson Hobson

I wasn't able to make it to the reunion so I thought I'd give a brief update of my last 10 years. I know I'm way late on this, but that's just the story of my life these days. After high school I attended Ricks college and graduated in Office Systems Management. I met my husband, Aaron, there and we were married in August 2000. We moved to Provo and I worked at BYU full-time while he finished up his degree in International Business. In 2002 we did an internship for a company called Del Sol (located in Sandy, UT) and had the opportunity to live in Grand Cayman, Alaska, Aruba and Orlando. Aaron and I were both fortunate to get full-time positions with Del Sol after the internship. In November 2005, I was admitted to LDS hospital where I laid in a bed for 3 very long months until our first three kids were born. Yes, I did say three! Aubrey, Brock and Carter (2 1/2 yrs) were born in February 2006. Since then I have been a full-time mom and then some!

This past June, our fourth child, Tanner, decided to suprise us and come two months early. He spent almost six weeks in the NICU and just recently came home to be smothered to death by his three older siblings. He is doing really well and we are happy to have him home. We currently live in Herriman, UT (South SL County) and Aaron continues to work as Del Sol's VP of Marketing. We have been so blessed!

I'm sad we didn't get to come and see everyone, but hopefully we'll make it for the 20! Good luck to everyone in the next 10 years!

Reunion was a Success!

Hey All!

It was great to see everyone that came to the reunion this last Saturday. I failed to take any pictures at the park, so if you took pictures, I would love it if you could email them to us and we will post them. Here are just the few that I took! We missed all of you that didn't come!

Hillary, Liz, Anna, Meredith. Your 10 year committee, minus Natalie Clark. We missed you, Nat!
At the end of the night, we announced the committee for the next reunion, so here's your 20 year committee minus Tiffany and Jen. Kelli, Maren, Annette, Sara, Janell, and Lisa. We look forward to a great reunion in 10 years girls!

The final match for the Wii competition. The two finalists were Damon and Sterling. These guys were GOOD!

At the "Senior Lock-in" we had a sheet out for everyone to sign. We asked everyone to put on it what they would be doing in 20 years. Anna has been keeping it in a safe place for the past 10 years. Thanks Anna. This is priceless! It was fun to see what people wrote. Some were dead on!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mandy Sutton Leavitt

Wow I can't believe it has been ten years. Brock and I got married on July 9,1998. It's even harder to believe I've been married for ten years. Brock and I moved to Roberts after we were married. Brock started working for my brother-in-law farming and I would help out on the farm driving truck during grain and spud harvest. We moved back to Rexburg in 2000. Brock started working for John Deere in 2001. He is still working there. We bought a house in Teton 2 years ago. I stay at home with the kids for the most part. I clean John Deere on the weekends. We have four great kids. Kelten is 9, Kasen is 6, Kreed is 3, and Kassidy just turned 1. It has been so fun seeing what everyone is doing. I wish you the best of luck in the future.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Your Ticket Confirmation

Hey Guys!
It was brought to my attention that some are wondering what they need to bring to the park to show proof that they have paid. We were originally going to be sending e-tickets, but it got a little complicated. We will be bringing a list to the park of those that have paid, so you don't have to worry about bringing anything. Thank you for your pre-orders!
For those of you who have not paid, but want to save a little money, you can still pay by tomorrow (Thursday) night through the paypal account located to the right of this page. It will help us get a more accurate count. If you choose to pay the day of, we will take cash or check.
Only 3 more days! It's going to be fun to see everyone. We've got some great things planned!

Thanks again,

Aubrey Green Nelson

I too did not graduate from Madison High School, but consider my self a alumna. I have fond memories of growing up with many of you; from birthday party sleep overs in grade school to my first real kiss in sixth grade and typical teenager nights of sneaking out after dark.

After High School, instead of attending college I opted to be a beach bum in California. I soon discovered how limited my surfing skills were, came to my to my senses, and moved to Salt Lake City. About a year later I met my Husband Mike who was doing his internship year at LDS Hospital ( I was the proverbial girl next door). He continued training in Rochester Minnesota and I followed him to the frozen tundra. We were married in 2001. While he finished his residency, I taught dance at a local studio. Several years ago, we moved to our current home in Minneapolis Minnesota. We have two beautiful boys; Erik who is three years old, and Kalvin who is six months old.

I am planning to attend the reunion and look forward to seeing everyone in a couple of days.

Tifani Erickson Clark

I did what most of you did after high school and attended Ricks College for 2 years, graduating right before BYU-I was announced. While at Ricks I met my husband, Jeff Clark, and we were married in February of 2000. (As a side note, Nicole Easton married my husband's roommate on the same day!) After Ricks my husband and I moved to Pocatello where after 5 years he got his Doctor of Pharmacy degree. We then took a job in Spanish Fork, Utah, and moved here in May 2005. We built a home and moved into it in December 2005, and we have spent the last few years doing a lot of landscaping and gardening. We really love it here. Our first son was born in August 2003, our second son was born in February 2005, and our third son was born in July 2008 (2 1/2 weeks ago). I am a stay-at-home Mom and it is great. We love to travel as a family and have been to both coasts as well as many places in between in the last year and a half. I hope to be able to make it to the reunion this weekend. It is great to read everyone's updates!'

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Jared Frisby

After graduation, I went to Ricks for a year and majored in computer science. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wasn’t cut out to be a computer programmer. I had a chance meeting with the head of the school’s Video Productions department and I was hired part-time. After a few months of working there, I realized that I loved working in the video world, and I changed my major to Communications with an emphasis in broadcast journalism.
In the summer of 1999, I went to the New Jersey Cherry Hill mission. I had a great time, and serving a mission has helped my life immeasurably. After the mission, I returned to Ricks (but it was only a few weeks before it changed to BYU-Idaho). I had a great time at school. I continued working for Video Productions and I started working for the campus radio stations and yearbook.
After graduation in 2005, I was hired by Apple Computer. I work in Apple Global Training where I create podcasts, demo videos, and live webcasts to train everyone who sells Apple products. I also do a lot of Flash programming to train iPhone resellers. I enjoy working on such a wide variety of projects, and I absolutely love it here. I’ve been a big Mac fan for a long time, and it’s a blast to work for such a great company. I’m about to start working on a Masters degree in Instructional Technology. It will involve many online and night classes, but it will be worth it in the end.
Working at Apple meant that I had to leave the Jell-O belt and move to Silicon Valley. I live in Sunnyvale, just a few miles from San Jose and about 45 minutes from San Francisco. I started going to the YSA ward when I moved, and that’s where I met my wife, Jenni. We started dating about a year and a half ago, and we were married this past March in the Oakland temple. Married life is fantastic! Jenni is an athletic trainer at West Valley College nearby, so we both have a decent commute and don’t have to deal with nasty rush hour traffic.
Living in the Bay Area is awesome. We’re close to San Francisco, Santa Cruz, mountains, beaches, biking, great food, and tons of good concerts. The downside to living here is that my family and many good friends are far away, but we try to visit Idaho and Utah whenever we can (which is never often enough).
With all that has been going on at work, we won’t be able to make it to the class reunion. I love reading about how everyone is doing, and it’s good to hear from everyone. Have fun at the reunion!

April Page Blazzard

Hi! I'm excited to re-live highschool a little this weekend and see everyone. Since highschool, I have married a wonderful man named Josh (in June 2001)and had 3 beautiful children. Samuel is 5, Hope is 3, and Jameson just turned 1 this summer. I graduated from Utah State University in 2002 as a Health Education Specialist, emphasis in Community Health, but haven't worked in that profession yet because my son was born shortly after graduation. My husband Josh, works at a North Ogden firm as a Structural Engineer. And as of now, I am working as a full-time Mom and loving it very much. We have lived in Logan, UT and now live in Brigham City for 3 more weeks until we move to our new home in Farr West, UT. (A little closer to work will save loads in gas money.) We are very happy and hope all of you are, too.

Clarissa Brown Sandall

10 Years, It is hard to believe. A little update about what I've been doing in the last 10 years. I went to Ricks after High School, and graduated with an Associates in Office Systems Management. After Ricks I moved down to Salt Lake to work in the Church Office Building with the International Secuirty Department (We oversaw missionary safety and travel of the apostles and 70's). It was a really neat experience being able to work so closely with the brethren. While in Salt Lake I met my husband Morgan, who was getting his Masters at the U of U. We were married in February of 2001 in the Idaho Falls Temple, 3 months before he graduated with his degree in Structural Engineering.

We then moved to Star Valley, Wyoming where we bought a house, and welcomed our first daughter Ashlyn in November of 2001. While there, I started a catering business from home, which I ran until we added our third child and I had too much business, and not enough time. We have added three sons since then, the newest arriving in May of this year (that is him in the picture) Marcus, Isaac, and Zachary. We moved from Star Valley to Sitka, Alaska in January of 2006. The move consisted of a 4 day car ride, and a 4 day ferry trip. It was a beautiful Island in Southeast Alaska with whales, bears, and tons of other wildlife, along with beautiful mountains.

We were there for a year and a half, when Morgan accepted a job in Utah. He has worked as an Engineer for the Federal Government since we were married. We enjoy spending time with our kids, going on bike rides, camping, fishing, and exploring different areas. It has been a great 10 years for our family. It was fun to see where everyone has ended up. My family is still in Rexburg, and we occasionally make it up there to visit. Our hope is to one day move back to some land we have in Star Valley, we love the mountains, and it is a little closer to grandparents.

Reunion Agenda

Here is a brief agenda for the reunion for those of you who were wondering:

At the Park:
*11:00-1:00 Lunch is served
*fun games for the kids

At the Stake Center: Adults Only
*wii tournaments
*ice cream sundaes
*"remember the past"

Both events are casual dress. Can't wait to see you there!

Reunion Help!!

Hey Everyone!
The reunion is just a few days away and we are excited to see everyone. We had our final conference call last night and are in need of a little help. After looking at our budget, we see that we didn't charge enough to cover all of our costs. The reservation of the park, postage, entertainment.
To offset the costs we have decided to have a raffle at the park. We are looking for anyone who has a business or knows anyone that has a business that would like to donate items or gift certificates for the raffle. In return, the business will get recognition at the reunion. We would be willing to hang or display a sign of the company to help advertise that business. Whatever money is raised over the amount of reimbursement will be donated to the next reunion.
If you are interested in this, email us through the blog and let us know what you are willing to bring to the park! Thanks so much for your help. It's going to be a blast!


Monday, August 11, 2008

Andrew Martin

My wife Mariann and I were married January of 1999. We are the proud parents of two little girls and a boy. Kamrie is 9, Taylor is 7, and Keagan is 5. We are also expecting another baby boy in November. I have driven truck the last 10 years for various companies, but now own my own truck and haul in WY in the oil field. In my spare time (if any) my family and I like to camp, go boating and just have fun as a family.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New High School Ground Breaking

Anthony Tietjen sent this picture to us. They took it at the ground breaking of the new high school. Thanks for the picture, Anthony.

Aaron Parson

Aaron has delegated me (Camile) to update you on the past ten years. (I wear the blogging pants in our family.) :)
1998 - Went to school at Ricks for two semesters majoring in art.
July 1999 - July 2001 - Went to Guatemala as a missionary (with 11 other guys from Rexburg, one of which was Brett Haderlie)
Sept 2001 - Aaron met me (he didn't know at that time that I would be his wife, but that's when we met. Our first date was a month later and we were married two years later in November of 2003.
August 2004 - (nine months and one day after our wedding) Welcome home baby girl Carly!
She's kind of impatient and didn't like waiting for two years while we dated.
Spring 2005 - Graduated from BYU-I with a degree in Landscape Design.
Winter 2005 - Moved to Moscow, ID for graduate school at the U of I. We loved living in Moscow, mostly because we made so many great friends there. Jordan and Jenny Nielson were our neighbors - lots of fun Rook nights and other great memories with them!
January 2006 - Welcome home baby girl Ellise (Ellie)! ("Concieved a Viking, born a Vandal" - Aaron's contribution to this post.) :)
Just so you don't have to do the math - Carly is almost 4 and Ellie is 2 1/2. Our little girls are so much fun and keep us laughing every day!
May 2008 - Aaron graduated with his Masters degree in Landscape Architecture with honors. (He is seriously so talented!)
Later in May 2008 - Moved to SLC to work for an Architecture firm. He's really enjoyed his job so far and is currently working on a planned community that will be across from the temple in Rexburg.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kimri Powell Murphy

It has been fun reading about what everyone has been up to. We had a very successful class.
After High School I attended Rick's & got my AA in business management. I also met my husband Chris Murphy while I was there but I wasn't in a hurry to get married so we dated for about two years before getting married in 2001.
After we got married we moved to Washington State where we both attended Central Washington University. While living there I started working as a financial aid assistant at Perry Technical Insitute and became the Financial Aid Director when I got my BS in Business Administration. In June 2005 we had Jaden. My job was fabulous & I they allowed me to hire more support staff so that I could have a flexible & part time schedule so that I could stay home with my baby. At 17 months Jaden attended montessori school in the morning while I worked & then we played in the afternoon. When I became pregnant with my 2nd Chris was offered a position in Idaho Falls with Yellow Book in their Sales (if you have advertising needs you know who to contact.) We always wanted to get closer to home so we moved here before our home sold in Washington. That was the end of last year when the housing market started to go crazy so we stayed in Rexburg until our home sold. During all the craziness Landon was born February 9th of this year. So I have two boys that are keeping me very busy.
We started searching for a home about 3 months ago in Idaho Falls; after losing out on our first home(two offers on the same day) we just moved into our new home a few weeks ago. We love our home & are ok with the intial disappointment of not getting the first home we put an offer on.
We are excited to be back in the area & to be settled again.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Tiffany Forsgren Alleman

Wow! I can't believe it's been 10 years! I've loved reading everyone's updates and am so impressed with our graduating class. I can’t wait to see everyone next weekend!
After graduation, I went to Ricks and graduated in Communications and Math and then transferred down to BYU. I had a rough time choosing what to major in at BYU, but I finally decided to major in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing. The highlight of my time at BYU was meeting my husband, Jon Alleman. He was captain of the men’s volleyball team and I got to travel to watch him play for a couple of years- we even got a free trip to National’s in Hawaii! We got married in May of 2003 just after I graduated and right before he started his Masters in Tax Accounting.
I had a lot of fun jobs through college and summer breaks. I worked at Disneyworld, sold door-to-door security systems in Portland and Chicago (torture), sold jewelry, worked at KSL TV, and traveled through Russia and Ukraine volunteering in orphanages. I turned down a Pharmaceutical Sales job after college so I could stay close to Provo, and I started working with an Internet Marketing company. Within a few months I was promoted to East Coast Sales Manager and spent a couple of weeks each month in New York…very fun, but obviously not my ideal close-to-home job. After a couple of years I switched companies to a local marketing firm and worked as their VP of Marketing.
After 4 years of Internet Marketing I was VERY ready to take a break and was delighted to have my daughter, Reagan, in January of 2007. I have a great husband who has been supportive of me and my crazy emotions during many fertility drugs and procedures…I hope none of you have had to deal with any of that! Last summer I decided that I wanted to do a little work again on the side and I started my own company. I keep myself very busy and I'm very happy!
My husband and I live in Draper, UT, but we plan on putting our house up for sale within a week or two. I'm sure he'd love to go back to Southern California, but we'll probably stick around SLC for awhile. My house is always open for visitors and I'd love to stay in touch better over the next 10 years!

Randi Shaw Mortensen

(Hailey 6, Brock 4, Drew 2, Brooklyn 7 months)
Wow! 10 years already. It has been fun catching up with everyone. Just a short note about are crazy life. I also went to Ricks College after high school and graduated with an associates degree in accounting and business management. I met my husband (Blake Mortensen) my second year at Ricks College and we were married in May 2000. We went to Europe for a month after we were married, and traveled all over. We went to nine different countries. My husband served his mission in Paris, France. So it was an awesome opporrtunity to see where he had lived and see Paris. It was amazing. We had our first daughter, Hailey in Nov 2001. And then the following January I returned to school at BYU-I.
We started building our house in August of 2002 on his family farm in Lyman and moved in the day after Christmas. Blake graduated the next year with his Bachelors in Finance, about the same time we had Brock our first boy. Finally in April 2005 I completed my Bachelors Degree in Accounting, and six months later we had Drew, boy #2. We are so glad that school is over for now. We just had Brooklyn in Dec 2007, so we are very busy. Blake is in management at Wal-mart and is farming when he's not working there. He also trades stocks a lot and is really enjoying playing the stock market. I work one day a week at the post office and am loving that. I do taxes sometimes for family and a few close friends, just to keep my foot in the door. But I love staying home with my kids, they keep me so busy. But we love it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jake DaBell

It’s great to hear that everyone is doing so well. Here’s my last 10 years in a nutshell. After high school, I went to Ricks for a year. I spent the next two years on a mission in the Ural Mountain region of Russia. While I was gone my parents moved to Bozeman, Montana, so I came “home” to Montana after my mission.

I decided to head down to BYU to continue school and ended up living with Shad Kidd and Steve Hunt for a year in the tiniest, most inadequately furnished basement apartment you’ve ever seen. I started majoring in Chemical Engineering, but after a couple of semesters I decided that wasn’t for me. A friend of mine suggested that I look into dentistry, and I’ve been pursuing a dental career ever since.

The summer after my first year at the Y, while visiting friends in Rexburg, I met my future wife, Abby Johnson. Abby is a Skyline grad from Idaho Falls. She graduated from BYU-I with a degree in Nursing. We were married in December 2002.

I finished up at BYU in 2004 and shortly after graduation Abby and I were blessed with a baby boy. We named him Connor. That summer we moved out to North Carolina, and I started dental school in Chapel Hill. We loved North Carolina and had an amazing four years there. Our little girl, Brielle (“Ellie”), was born in 2006. I graduated from dental school this last May.

During dental school I realized that I really enjoy orthodontics, so I applied to several orthodontic residency programs and was accepted at the University of Washington in Seattle. My residency actually just started and unfortunately I can’t get time off to come down to the reunion. I’ve been looking forward to this reunion for a long time and I’m pretty bummed that I won’t be able to make it. Abby and I are hoping to end up in Idaho Falls when we finish in Seattle, and it sounds like there are a lot of us still in the area, so hopefully we can get together before another 10 years goes by. We should keep this blog thing going. It’s fun to hear what people are up to.

If anyone wants more details or to see some really cute pictures of my kids, go to

Connie Clements

Wow! Time really does fly when you are having fun! Where did all of the time go? I have loved reading up on what everyone has bee up to. Like 90% of the class, I too went to Ricks College. (I don’t care that it is now BYU-Idaho, it will always be Ricks to me.) I spent my two years there trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. I settled on the social sciences and decided to see if politics and law were for me. I headed off to Washington DC to intern for Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) the summer of 2000 on the day I graduated from Ricks. I started my internship the day the Justice Department authorized the removal of Elian Gonzales from his uncle’s home and sent him back to Cuba. That was a fun introduction to government and life in the legislative branch! (People from Idaho were REALLY upset about that.) While I feel in love with the East Coast, I quickly ruled out a career in politics as well as the legal profession. In the fall of 2000, I headed off to school at Utah State University. After year at USU, I decided I needed to go on a mission (something that was NOT in my plans, but, hey, plans change, right?)

I served my mission in Cleveland, OH, a place that previous to my mission I considered to be on the list of Top 50 places you NEVER want to visit. I still consider it to be on the list of places you don’t EVER want to live, but visiting is okay. While on my mission, my family moved to Washington State, so after my mission I returned “home” to Richland, WA. I then headed back to school for my last semester at USU that fall. (2003 if you are trying to keep track.) I graduated with my BS in Political Science (what I affectionately call my BS in BS) and I moved “home” at Christmas to start the dreaded job search. (If you ever feel like you self-esteem is just too good, try looking for a new job, it will cure it in a hurry). In July of 2004 I finally found a job in Salt Lake working in the corporate offices of a market research firm (think telephone and online surveys).

On my first day in the office I was introduced to the staff and who should I run into? None other than our very own Wendy (Olson) Beesley. It was the beginning of great things. (Wendy is quite possibly the best boss I have ever had!) I have spent the last 4 years working in various capacities at “the Dirge”…managing projects, acquiring new accounts, developing and implementing marketing campaigns, redesigning the marketing collateral, etc. I have the best coworkers, a super flexible schedule (I got to work from home the ENTIRE summer), and for the most part I like what I do. But like they say, all good things must come to an end.

I decided back in December that it was finally time to go back to school and that I wanted an MBA. So I spent most of January, February, and March studying for and taking the GMAT (twice). Thankfully my scores were good enough to get me accepted into BYU’s program and I start the 20th of August. I wish I could make it to the reunion, but I will be moving that weekend to start my next adventure. I hope you all have a blast. For those interested my blog can be found at

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brian Miller

It’s been great to read and catch up on what everyone has been up to. As for myself, it’s been a pretty exciting 10 years and I’m looking forward to seeing those that can make it to the reunion. After graduation I spent the summer working and then went to Ricks till heading out to southern Spain for my mission fall 99. I was spoiled in Spain with the warm weather and so it was hard to come back to Rexburg’s cold winters. So, after returning I went to Ricks for one more year and then headed down to the University of Arizona in Tucson with Tim Pickard.

That spring Tim and I drove down to check out the University and attended an institute dance that weekend...I met my future wife, Cassie, there for the first time. I began the Optical Engineering program Fall ‘03 and graduated Spring ‘05. Along the way, Cassie and I were married Thanksgiving Day ’04 and our cute little redhead daughter, Madeline, was born September 05 and we’re expecting a boy in October. Cassie also received her degree from the U of A in music education and then taught elementary music for 5 years. She is now a stay-at-home mom taking care of Maddy and teaching piano on the side.

After graduation, I continued on in the same program and am hoping to finish up my PhD in December 09 hopefully…who knows, the graduation date keeps on sliding further into the future. I’m working on building a pre-clinical camera system to image the brains of radioactive mice that have Alzheimer’s disease…hopefully to help in finding a cure.

Cassie and I love living in Tucson and it’s been great to have friends from Rexburg down here too…Marshall Hart, Tim Pickard, Scott Nielsen, and Ryan Robison in Phoenix.


Marshall Hart

Notes on pictures:
1st Our family and our normally cute kids (Afternoon church is really
hard on kids).

2nd From left to right, Connor Nielsen (Scott and Elizabeth), Emmett
and Mariah Hart (Marshall and Jani), Madeline Miller (Brian and

The last ten years (I also can't believe it has been that long) for
Marshall Hart.

My family and I live in Tucson, Arizona. By pure happenstance, several
of us from the class of 98 are down here. In addition to me, I know of
Brian Miller, Scott Nielsen, and Tim Pickard.

Jani and I have three kids (Emmett-5,Mariah-3,Eden-1.5) that keep us
very busy. Jani's a stay-at-home mom and I work as an engineer. We love the outdoors and are always looking forward to our
next adventure. We love to go down to Mexico and camp on the beach or
go rappelling in the local caves.

We've learned to like it here and we are buying our first house, a
remodel (wish us luck!). We love the mild winters, gorgeous evenings
and great mountains. Price, there are plenty of nice crags down here,
if you need a place to climb in the winter. We love visitors and
anybody is welcome to crash at our house anytime (I can't promise
we'll have the carpet in yet but you're welcome nonetheless).

We won't be able to make it the reunion (always seems to conflict with
a family reunion) but we will be through Rexburg on the 13th and then
again on the 17th. If anyone is still around and wants to get together
just email me. I have a gmail address ( marshall and then hart with a
period between).

How we got here...

May 1998—Ricks, worked on becoming flight instructor, dated, worked etc.
April 1999—Left on LDS Mission to Haiti
April 2001—Returned tan and 20-pounds lighter (didn't last unfortunately)
July 2001—Moved to Provo, began working as flight instructor at UVSC
Dec 2001—Engaged to Jani Riddle (another flight instructor)
Jan 2002—Started BYU, I believe I was a Math major at the time
May 2002—Married Jani Riddle
May 2003—Emmett is born
Mar 2005—Mariah is born
May 2005—Graduated with a B.S. in Physics
Jun 2005—Flew Helicopter Tours in Alaska
Aug 2005—Started work as an engineer, Jani started first of two
apartment management gigs
Nov 2006—Eden is born, ended 2nd manager gig, moved into a house like
normal people
Jun 2007—Another summer flying Helicopters
Aug 2008—Bought a remodel house, skipped another class reunion (sorry)