Sunday, August 3, 2008

Marshall Hart

Notes on pictures:
1st Our family and our normally cute kids (Afternoon church is really
hard on kids).

2nd From left to right, Connor Nielsen (Scott and Elizabeth), Emmett
and Mariah Hart (Marshall and Jani), Madeline Miller (Brian and

The last ten years (I also can't believe it has been that long) for
Marshall Hart.

My family and I live in Tucson, Arizona. By pure happenstance, several
of us from the class of 98 are down here. In addition to me, I know of
Brian Miller, Scott Nielsen, and Tim Pickard.

Jani and I have three kids (Emmett-5,Mariah-3,Eden-1.5) that keep us
very busy. Jani's a stay-at-home mom and I work as an engineer. We love the outdoors and are always looking forward to our
next adventure. We love to go down to Mexico and camp on the beach or
go rappelling in the local caves.

We've learned to like it here and we are buying our first house, a
remodel (wish us luck!). We love the mild winters, gorgeous evenings
and great mountains. Price, there are plenty of nice crags down here,
if you need a place to climb in the winter. We love visitors and
anybody is welcome to crash at our house anytime (I can't promise
we'll have the carpet in yet but you're welcome nonetheless).

We won't be able to make it the reunion (always seems to conflict with
a family reunion) but we will be through Rexburg on the 13th and then
again on the 17th. If anyone is still around and wants to get together
just email me. I have a gmail address ( marshall and then hart with a
period between).

How we got here...

May 1998—Ricks, worked on becoming flight instructor, dated, worked etc.
April 1999—Left on LDS Mission to Haiti
April 2001—Returned tan and 20-pounds lighter (didn't last unfortunately)
July 2001—Moved to Provo, began working as flight instructor at UVSC
Dec 2001—Engaged to Jani Riddle (another flight instructor)
Jan 2002—Started BYU, I believe I was a Math major at the time
May 2002—Married Jani Riddle
May 2003—Emmett is born
Mar 2005—Mariah is born
May 2005—Graduated with a B.S. in Physics
Jun 2005—Flew Helicopter Tours in Alaska
Aug 2005—Started work as an engineer, Jani started first of two
apartment management gigs
Nov 2006—Eden is born, ended 2nd manager gig, moved into a house like
normal people
Jun 2007—Another summer flying Helicopters
Aug 2008—Bought a remodel house, skipped another class reunion (sorry)


Doug and Mallena said...

Hi Marshall! It looks like life has kept you pretty busy. Congratulations on the cute family. It was fun reading about your comings and goings over the past few years.

Mallena (Anderson) Ricks

adam said...

Marshall.... Adam Spell thinks you should email him so he can catch up with you