Sunday, August 24, 2008

Homecoming bonfire pictures???

I was wondering if anyone who reads the blog would have pictures of the homecoming bonfire? Maybe in electronic format? Thanks everyone. I thought the reunion was great and it was awesome to see everyone.



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Carl Watkins said...

By way of introduction, I am Carl Watkins who worked as a DJ at KLCE in the 90s.

In those days one of my hobbies was coming to high schools just before Christmas to record the bands and choirs performing Christmas songs, and releasing those recordings on CD as the "The 1997 KLCE Community Christmas Collection." The CDs contain Christmas songs from bands and choirs from Madison and and nearly every other high school and community group in the Upper Valley.

I have a garage full of left over CDs from those days that I am trying to give away to people who would like them. Perhaps you would like some of them to give away at your upcoming reunion? If so please let me know how many. I am sending similar emails to the reunion committees at the other high schools as well, so I will try to divide them up so they have enough as well.

Please respond as soon as possible,

Carl Watkins
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