Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rebecca Holt Kufeld

Hello Everyone! I am sorry we were not able to see everyone for the reunion. But promise I will be in attendance at our 20th! I have really enjoyed seeing pictures of everyone and finding out what everyone has been up to since graduation. Thanks for sharing! :)

After graduation I attended Ricks College and then moved to Logan and attended Utah State, got my license and sold real estate. Then for a tumult of reasons landed in Reno, NV. And got a job working at Intuit for several years, and then landed my dream job as the Payroll and Benefits Manager at Sugarbowl Ski Resort outside Tahoe.

Eventually a mutual friend introduced me to the love of my life, Joshua Owen Kufeld. He proposed a year later in front of 1,500 people at our annual dance recital. (See picture) We were married last April and now reside in Elko, NV. I am the proud step-mother of two beautiful children, Bryson Hunter (9) and Alyssa Reese (7). Josh and I are discussing having one of our own down the road….but we aren’t in any hurry. We are just enjoying our time together.

Josh currently works as a Service/Sales Manager for a Salt Lake based company, Statefire/DC Specialties and I work for a German based company, Liebherr Mining Equipment as the Human Resources Manager. We both teach a couple of classes at Studio 425 here in Elko. Josh is a professional freestyle hip-hop dancer and we danced professionally together in Reno before our move to Elko. Josh teaches hip-hop and I teach jazz, modern, and ballet. (Just to clarify, I did become a good dancer AFTER I graduated from High School. I know I was terrible in high school, but I became much better after studying with some amazing instructors in Utah, Reno, and all over the Bay Area!) Josh and I keep busy by attending dance workshops, attempting to fish every body of water in the western states, camping along the way, hunting, traveling to warm locations, and the eternal project of renovating our historic 100 year old home in Elko. Home Depot loves us! Even though ten years ago I imagined my life much different than it is now, I couldn’t be happier! J See you all at the 20 year reunion if not sooner! :)

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