Friday, August 8, 2008

Randi Shaw Mortensen

(Hailey 6, Brock 4, Drew 2, Brooklyn 7 months)
Wow! 10 years already. It has been fun catching up with everyone. Just a short note about are crazy life. I also went to Ricks College after high school and graduated with an associates degree in accounting and business management. I met my husband (Blake Mortensen) my second year at Ricks College and we were married in May 2000. We went to Europe for a month after we were married, and traveled all over. We went to nine different countries. My husband served his mission in Paris, France. So it was an awesome opporrtunity to see where he had lived and see Paris. It was amazing. We had our first daughter, Hailey in Nov 2001. And then the following January I returned to school at BYU-I.
We started building our house in August of 2002 on his family farm in Lyman and moved in the day after Christmas. Blake graduated the next year with his Bachelors in Finance, about the same time we had Brock our first boy. Finally in April 2005 I completed my Bachelors Degree in Accounting, and six months later we had Drew, boy #2. We are so glad that school is over for now. We just had Brooklyn in Dec 2007, so we are very busy. Blake is in management at Wal-mart and is farming when he's not working there. He also trades stocks a lot and is really enjoying playing the stock market. I work one day a week at the post office and am loving that. I do taxes sometimes for family and a few close friends, just to keep my foot in the door. But I love staying home with my kids, they keep me so busy. But we love it.

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Ashley said...

Randi!!!! I've talked to a Val a few times in the last couple years, but no one else your family, man we miss you guys :) Your kids are so stinking cute! Tell your family hi for me.