Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Clarissa Brown Sandall

10 Years, It is hard to believe. A little update about what I've been doing in the last 10 years. I went to Ricks after High School, and graduated with an Associates in Office Systems Management. After Ricks I moved down to Salt Lake to work in the Church Office Building with the International Secuirty Department (We oversaw missionary safety and travel of the apostles and 70's). It was a really neat experience being able to work so closely with the brethren. While in Salt Lake I met my husband Morgan, who was getting his Masters at the U of U. We were married in February of 2001 in the Idaho Falls Temple, 3 months before he graduated with his degree in Structural Engineering.

We then moved to Star Valley, Wyoming where we bought a house, and welcomed our first daughter Ashlyn in November of 2001. While there, I started a catering business from home, which I ran until we added our third child and I had too much business, and not enough time. We have added three sons since then, the newest arriving in May of this year (that is him in the picture) Marcus, Isaac, and Zachary. We moved from Star Valley to Sitka, Alaska in January of 2006. The move consisted of a 4 day car ride, and a 4 day ferry trip. It was a beautiful Island in Southeast Alaska with whales, bears, and tons of other wildlife, along with beautiful mountains.

We were there for a year and a half, when Morgan accepted a job in Utah. He has worked as an Engineer for the Federal Government since we were married. We enjoy spending time with our kids, going on bike rides, camping, fishing, and exploring different areas. It has been a great 10 years for our family. It was fun to see where everyone has ended up. My family is still in Rexburg, and we occasionally make it up there to visit. Our hope is to one day move back to some land we have in Star Valley, we love the mountains, and it is a little closer to grandparents.


Anonymous said...

Hey Clarissa! I haven't seen you forever! I thought you were still in Wyoming. Where exactly are you now? Your family is adorable!

Tifani (Erikson) Clark

Doug and Mallena said...

Hi Clarissa! It was so fun to read your post. I had no idea you were in Utah now. We're currently in Philadelphia, but are hoping to be back soon. It would be fun to track each other down once we get back to our old stomping grounds.

Mallena (Anderson) Ricks