Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aubrey Green Nelson

I too did not graduate from Madison High School, but consider my self a alumna. I have fond memories of growing up with many of you; from birthday party sleep overs in grade school to my first real kiss in sixth grade and typical teenager nights of sneaking out after dark.

After High School, instead of attending college I opted to be a beach bum in California. I soon discovered how limited my surfing skills were, came to my to my senses, and moved to Salt Lake City. About a year later I met my Husband Mike who was doing his internship year at LDS Hospital ( I was the proverbial girl next door). He continued training in Rochester Minnesota and I followed him to the frozen tundra. We were married in 2001. While he finished his residency, I taught dance at a local studio. Several years ago, we moved to our current home in Minneapolis Minnesota. We have two beautiful boys; Erik who is three years old, and Kalvin who is six months old.

I am planning to attend the reunion and look forward to seeing everyone in a couple of days.

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