Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Monica Macbeth Foster

Hello to everyone. It appears that everyone has had an exciting 10 years. I started at Ricks College in the fall of 1998. I stayed with the jump rope team and continued to travel and compete around the world until leaving in 2001 to attend ISU. I graduated in 2003 with a BA of science in Dental Hygiene. I graduated one weekend and was married the following weekend to my sweet heart Matt Foster. We had met while at Ricks, but hadn't started dating until my last year at ISU. Shanna (Hill) Foster had introduced us, with no intention of us ever dating. So now one of my best friends from highschool is my sister-in-law. Upon graduating I immediately went to work for Dr. Strobel in Rexburg, but was living in Shelley. 4 years later I found my dream job working at West River Dental in Idaho Falls. We purchased the home we are in now in 2005 near Bonneville Highschool. I've cut back to working 3 days a week, but stay plenty busy coaching the jump rope team in Rexburg and starting a new team at the YMCA in Idaho Falls.
Matt graduated from ISU last year with a Masters in Speech Pathology and works at Premier Therapy in Idaho Falls now. Luckily for me he enjoys to travel so every chance we get we are either at the beach or in the mountains. Last Friday we were snorkeling and running a 5K in Key West (in prepration for the Mesa Half- I'll see you there Maren.) Matt enjoys running marathons, I enjoy.....watching. So we'll see how this goes. Take care and I'll see you all soon.

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Stafford said...

That is so great that you will be at the Mesa Falls Marathon, I may need a little cheer to keep me going! See you guys there! ~Maren