Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cody Startin

It has been great reading up on all those who have posted updates about themselves, so I figured that I would post one myself. Like most of you have expressed, I can’t believe it has already been 10 years. After graduation, I attended Ricks Collage like so many of us and was able to play wide receiver for the football team. It was a blast to say the least and I met a ton of really great guys. Then I served a mission in the Philippines from 1999-2001. I am actually going back to visit for a few weeks with my wife in July. Then after I got home, I continued to attend Ricks College and play football. Nine of the players on the team that year had actually played for Madison High School so it was fun to be able to represent for our school with the rest of them. Then in the fall of 2001 I met my wife, Aubry. We truly experienced 3 blissful months of dating before I left on a 4 month internship to Cozumel, Mexico. After returning from the Caribbean, I had somehow bought an engagement ring and Aubry had somehow bought her wedding dress. Neither of us had any idea since we had never really even talked about marriage. J Shortly after I proposed and we were married in June of 2002. I finished my associates at Ricks that summer and then we were off to Salt Lake where Aubry attended the U of U as one of their heptathaletes on the track team and I attended Salt Lake Community College trying to figure out if I wanted to pursue computer engineering. We then moved to Washington DC that following summer for 3 months to sell home security systems door-to-door. It was hard work but fun and we enjoyed living back east for the summer. That fall, Aubry returned to the U for her last year of track while I worked at Best Buy and tried to figure out what I wanted to go into since I had realized after taking multiple computer classes that I did not want to spend my life staring at a computer screen. Then by chance I talked to one of my friends dads and he told me to look into ultrasound because that’s what he did and he loved it. My first response like many others was, “You do ultrasounds on pregnant ladies all day?” It was then that I learned that scanning babies was just the tip of the ice berg. Consequently, I applied to some schools that offered a program and got accepted by one in Anaheim, California. So off we went, not knowing a single person that lived there. School was great and living there for 2 years was a blast. After I completed the program, without my knowledge, Aubry started sending my resume to any place that would accept it out here in the Phoenix area since she grew up in Mesa and her family still lives here. As a result, I started getting random phone calls from places that wanted me to come for an interview. Needless to say, I ended up taking a job at a hospital in Phoenix where I currently work 3 days a week. I also have my own portable ultrasound business and work part time for some urologists on my 2 days off from the hospital. Aubry is a full time mom, part time personal trainer, and photographer ( She is an amazing mom and is always full of love and kindness. We have a 20 month old son named Gage and a girl on the way. Well, that is life in a nutshell for me. I hope to make it to the reunion so I can chat with all who will be there. Take care.


Kelli Lindsey said...

This is Kelli Steiner (Lindsey now). I read your story and we have the same job! How do you like ultrasound? I went to Weber State and went into Xray first, then specialized into Ultrasound. There are so many jobs out there huh? Right now I am working part time at two jobs- the first is at the new trauma hospital IMC in Salt lake in the ER side. This is very busy but the time goes quickly. I work graveyards there. I work some weekends and Alta view Hospital in Sandy too. The second job reminds me of your portable business, because I work part time for GE training ER physicians and residents at IMC and the U of U how to run their ultrasound machines and teach them tricks on how to scan for FAST exams on traumas. Did you buy your own machine for your business? Way to go on that. We joke around here about starting a business to buy our own portable and go around to baby showers. We'd make a fortune.
Well, maybe we can chat if you come to the reunion next month. If not, good luck with all you have going on. You have a cute little family and have a beautiful wife and adorable son. Kelli

Jeppesens said...

Cody, you have such a cute family. Hope you and your wife make it up here for the reunion. It will be so fun to see everyone again.