Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kasandra Cheney Parker

Here's my last 10 years -- has it really been that long?! I attended Ricks College along with so many others in the fall of 1998. I got the opportunity to be on the college clogging/folk dance team for 2 years. We toured Europe both summers I was on the team- they were awesome experiences!! I changed my degree a couple times and finally graduated from the Paramedic Program there in the spring of 2001- while also working for Madison Ambulance as an EMT-Basic while going to school. I did my internship for 5 weeks in Galveston, Texas and came home and got married 2 weeks later to my husband Jon Parker. I have worked part-time as a Paramedic/Firefighter for Madison County for the last 8 years. It can be a very stressful- yet rewarding job all at the same time. We had our first son- Kyson- in June of 2003. We built our home in Rigby throughout 2004-05 (do-it-ourselvers take a while!!) and our second son- Tanner- came in June of 2005 after we got moved in. I took a job that fall as an adjunct professor at BYU-Idaho in the Paramedic Program and starting teaching piano lessons out of our home. I did that for a couple years and taught my last semester this past winter semester- deciding I needed some more time at home-- to do what?-- well, keep busy. We had our third son- Ethan- in June of 2007 (yes- if you've been following along- June is our busy month at our home!!) I am still working part-time at the Fire Dept., teaching piano lessons, and I am starting a clogging studio on the side this fall here in Rigby! My husband runs a software development group in Idaho Falls, a.k.a. he is a "computer nerd" as I like to tease him! So, life is busy and fun around our household!! I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion next month!!

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