Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bethany Leman Cowley

I have not been in touch with anyone since I left Rexburg and have only gotten little updates from my brothers so this blog is very awesome. Thank you!

I also went to Ricks, majored in meeting cute boys (I mean General Education--couldn't make up my mind). My hubby and I were FHE brother and sister (cheezy!), met my Freshman year, got married a year later. We moved up to U of Idaho where I got a Bachelors in Accounting and Luke became a Civil Engineer Corps Officer in the Navy. Lana was born in September 2002. The girl is now 5 and has lived in 7 places! While Luke was at Officer Candidate School, I stayed with my parents and went back to Ricks to start pre-reqs for Nursing school (hated accounting). We moved to California for more training, then to Virginia where we have been the past four years, currently in Virginia Beach. I got my RN-BSN at Norfolk State University and have been working in a Neuro/Trauma ICU since 2006 (love it!!). Katelyn was born in November 2005 in the middle of my second to last semester of school. We have survived one deployment to Iraq and will have many more to come. I never pictured myself being a military wife, but we're making the most of it and get to spend a lot of time at the beach. The Navy is sending us to Arizona for grad school next month and then to California after that, then hopefully Spain.

Congratulations to everyone for all that you've accomplished in the last 10 years. We had amazing, talented people in our class and it's great to see what we've all made of ourselves. And we make beautiful kids!

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