Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pearl Hokanson

Well its been a crazy 10 years. I did the usual Ricks College and mission. Since then nothing has been usual. Lots of moving and traveling and this past month I celebrated the first time in about two years that I stayed in the same state for an ENTIRE month. I currently reside in Provo and work on the Mother Baby/ NICU unit at American Fork Hospital. My top 5 accompishments of the past 10 years are as follows......
5*I have been in pursuit of the perfect 24 hours, it has been an evasive quest. The rules are it has to include the perfect activities, company and music. Im hesitant to proclaim it for sure so I still call it the NEAR perfect 24 hours but I acheived that a few weeks ago.
4* I survived an attach from a severly demented one legged man. For those of you whom have also survived such an ordeal I have a support group S.O.O.L.A (Survivors of One Legged Attackers)
3* My alias (Mable Blaster) was a write in candidate with six votes for Govenor in the state of Wyoming.
2* Im pretty sure in my 7 years working in the medical field I have changed more diapers than anyone else in the Madison High class of 1998 and possibly more than any other human on this earth,all six billion plus. AND
1* I made someone laugh so hard they shot soda out their nose.
So that is life in a nutshell. Happier than ever wouldnt change anything.....well ALMOST anything.


Price said...

Remember that time when I ate an entire package of pixie stix all at once? A lot of that came out my nose, and it was rather painful.

good work, Pearl.

markandsusanna said...

Pearl-You rock!
You make me so proud.

EdwardsFam said...

as usual, i find you hilarious. i wish i could join your survival group, but i have only been attacked by a crazy two legged man who thought he was Michael jackson at times, and at other times George Bush (W). i will however, join you on the quest for the perfect 24 hours.. except i think maybe i will start with 12 and just be pleasantly surprised if 24 ever happens!!