Friday, June 20, 2008

Maren Tew Stafford

Hello friends! It has been great reading about everyone's lives. The upcoming reunion has set me in a nostalgic mood so I drug out the old year book. How time flies!

After MHS I moved into town and started calsses at Ricks. After graduating, I married Michael Stafford in 2000 and we moved to Seattle, WA for the summer. Next we moved to Boise to attend BSU, where I was a nanny and graduated in Early Childhood Education, teaching preschool for the college. After I graduated we were blessed with our first daughter Bailey. Mike worked hard by day and went to school by night studying marketing. Just before he graduated we had Emma, daughter number 2. After Mike's BSU graduation we took our 2 girls to LasVegas, NV to take a job with Pulte Homes. There we built our first home and had our third daughter Kate. After building 200 homes in 2 years we eventually decided we missed the slower pace of Idaho and in 2006 we sold our home and moved back to Rexburg. Mike started his own construction business and we built our second home.

This year: I took up running and did my first 10K in training for the Mesa Falls Half-Marathon coming up in August. I also became a fashion consultant for modbe clothes. {} Mike started to dabble in Granite and has started yet another business, a true entrepreneur. Bailey (6) learned how to ride without training wheels and graduated from Kindergarten at the same school I attended, Adams Elementary. Emma (4) is learning to write her letters and will begin preschool soon. Kate (2) potty trained herslf, moved into a big girl bed, and is riding a 2 wheeler-what an independant soul.

Life is full of trials and joys when you have a house full of girls, but we wouldn't change it for anything! See you all at the reunion!


Natalie said...

Maren, you have such a darling family. Your girls are too cute! I'm glad you're doing well and can't wait to see you at the reunion. :)

jennifer said...

Hey Maren,
Ya we are hoping to be out there the weekend of the reunion. I am coming out to stay for awhile and we will bless the baby out there as well. Hope you are doing good and we will hopefully see you next month!

Kelli Lindsey said...

Hi girl! Way to go on running a half marathon!! I just ran my first 5K, pretty pathetic against yours, but hey it's a start. I am excited to go to the reunion and catch up with all of our old friends. See you up there soon! Kells