Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jason Price

Well, it's been 10 years.

1998-1999 I ruled Craigos, Ricks College and the mean streets of Rexburg.
'99-2001 I spent in Guatemala.
Fall of 2001 in San Mateo, CA
2002 was spent 3 months in each: Logan, UT then Dallas, TX then Provo for a semester at BYU.
In 2003 I went back to Logan for 3 months then backpacked through Central America for a couple months.
When I got back from CA, I finished up my BA in Finance from Utah State. I then took a job trading heavy machinery and mining equipment. That job was great and let me travel to Chile several times.
After a short while I got tired of that, so I quit and spent 3 more months traveling and scuba diving in Central America. A wild turn of events landed me an advertising job and moved me to Austin, TX. Sounds crazy, but it was there that I really developed a love for rock climbing. I moved back to Utah for the mountain air and the pristine rock last year and quit my job. When the funds ran low, I moved to Arizona and worked for a wilderness program. Living in the woods was spectacular, but after six months, I was missing my friends and family in Utah. Rock climbing wasn't really a possibility while in the wilderness, and that may have influenced my decision.
To keep myself busy, I help a friend of mine with his air conditioning business. I live in my Isuzu Trooper or crash at friends' houses and I'm very satisfied with my adventurous life. I climb mountains, watch Nascar, descend canyons, and live a good life.

Did I get voted most likely to end up a hobo?

You'll find my adventures and my online life in the following places:

Or just google "price1869". You'll find me.


Ashley said...

dude, you make fun of my scary santa picture and you don't even include your homeless 'do picture for ME to laugh at? I'm so disappointed.

Price said...

I did, but whoever is putting the blogs on didn't put it in.

They didn't link the stuff at the bottom either.

Ashley said...

much better

though you're right, my picture is MUCH scarier

stephanie said...

wow! time flies. i still remember (very clear)jamming nirvana in the basement of my parents home in idaho with you and nick munns. those were good times! everytime i play guitar hero, i think of you while stumbling through Cherub Rock. i always thought that was so cool that you could play that song on the guitar!
i switched gears and sold out to medical school, BUT, not before having my moment as a lead guitarist for an emerging p-town band. (i think i ran into you at one of the shows actually) sounds like you are having a blast! keep it going.
--brian liljenquist