Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kelli Steiner Lindsey

Where have 10 years gone! I am excited to see everyone again at the reunion. Here is my story over the past 10 years: I went to Ricks after high school where I met my wonderful husband Brett. We dated throughout the year and then I left to tour Europe for a month in May of '99. I guess he couldn't live without me because he proposed the day after I returned home. We were married in August of '99 and moved to Utah for school. Brett pitched for the baseball team at Ricks, and also for two more years at the U of U. It has been fun to see a ton of baseball games over the years and travel to see him play. We had a couple of roadblocks when Brett needed brain surgery in 2002 for a small vascular tumor that was bleeding on the brain. They repaired as much as they could, but it reoccurred in 2004 and they need to perform another surgery on him. Thank heavens for modern health care and brilliant brain surgeons! We believe that everything is ok now and he has recovered completely. He is amazing and is so positive through these trials. I have learned from him to keep a great attitude on life even when it throws you a curve ball- it will be so much easier to handle the tough times. Even though he had to take a break from school through this, he jumped right back in and earned his MBA through the U of U. He is now a pricing analyst here in Salt Lake. I studied Radiology at Weber State and became an x-ray tech then specialized in ultrasound sonography. Currently I work part-time at the new trauma hospital, IMC, in Salt Lake for their ER and also at Alta View Hospital. I also work for GE training ER physicians and residents at the U of U on ultrasound portable equipment for their traumas. We just bought our second home in South Jordan, UT a few months ago and love it here and plan to stay. We have two boys; Porter (2) and Beckham (4 months). I love being a mother and am lucky in my job that I can work graveyard and weekend shifts to be home five days a week with them. It will be fun to catch up with everyone at the reunion, see you all then.


Natalie said...

Hi Kelli! Your boys are darling and I can't wait to get together with our kids for a playdate. See you soon!

Cody said...

I'm so sorry for the delayed response. I didn't even realize that someone had left a comment on my posting until a few days ago. I wish that I could have made it to the reunion. Damon said that it was fun. Yea, so I also do ultrasound. I went to school in California. It's truly a great field to be in. I work 3 days at a hospital and 2 days for myself with my own portable machine. It's awesome. In January I will be dropping down to part time at the hospital so that I can expand my business. My wife Aubry just gave birth to our 2nd kid on Oct. 3rd. You can check our blog if you'd like. cobry.blogspot.com. Anyway, email me your blog address if you get a minute so that we can keep in touch. It's just my first and last name @gmail. Take Care.