Tuesday, June 10, 2008

R. Christopher Call

I hope the past ten years have been as exciting and eventful for everybody else as they have been for me. Following a year at Ricks College and a two year mission to Samara, Russia, I returned to the newly founded BYU-Idaho where I met and married my wife, Dawnie. I took her with me to BYU where three more years of school earned a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. After a nine-month engineering stint in Ridgecrest, CA, working at an electronic combat range in China Lake Naval Weapons Center (war games against Top Gun pilots and the like), I decided engineering wasn’t for me and jumped ship into medical school. Though officially attending University of Washington, my medical school has taken me Moscow (Idaho), Seattle, Pocatello, and Boise where I will finish out next summer. For anybody counting, that is eight moves and seven different cities (excluding the mission)! Throw in our two children (Katie and Brian) along with Naval officer training (mini boot camp) in Rhode Island and it certainly has been a busy ten years.

I imagine the next ten years will be just as memorable. After medical school, we will move again to a yet to be determined city for residency. Since I am paying for medical school through the military, I will spend at least four years employment with the Navy. My next ten years may well include Guam, Yokasuka, Bethesda, or “Somewhere in the Mediterranean.” I’ll be sure to let you know at our 20-year reunion!


Anthony Tietjen said...

I tried to email my update, but it came back with: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently: madisonclassof1998@gmail.com. My GMail address is "tietjen.anthony".

Natalie said...

Hi Chris,
Wow, you have been a mobile family! I think you'll be a great doctor and appreciate your service in the Navy. Good luck with everything. Katie and Brian are darling!