Monday, June 23, 2008

Karen Tingey Pew

Hey everyone!

Here's what I've been up to...After High school I went to Ricks (like almost everyone else in our class) and I got my associates degree in Arts and Sciences in December of 1999 after which I moved to Provo to pursue a long awaited desire to learn how to cut, color, and perm hair (for the most part). I got my cosmetology license in the spring of 2001, and soon decided that it was only going to be a side thing I'd do for extra money (let's just say it turned out to be more of a hobby than a career, which turns out to be better for me anyway). Soon after I finished cosmetology school, I applied to BYU and was accepted… things changed however, because I was suddenly overcome with a strong desire/need to serve a mission. So, I deferred schooling, turned my papers in and was gone by December 2002, to serve in the Tennessee Nashville Mission. After serving a mission, I returned to school and finished up my degree in Marriage Family and Human Development at BYU in the summer of 2005.

In the middle of finishing school I met my husband Tyler. He is from San Jose, CA, but his family moved to Utah a couple of years ago… and all of my family lives in Utah for the most part as well. After graduating from BYU we were married May of 2006. Since we got married, we have lived in Lehi, Utah. We started out in a home that Tyler bought before we got married, but have since moved to another home in North Lehi. We love it here. I work at the Seagull Book Corporate offices in American Fork, in their accounting dept (ya, how did I end up there??) and my husband works for a conference planning Software Company in the Bluffdale/Draper area. We are expecting our first child in November, and we just found out it's a Boy!! After the baby comes I plan on staying home full time, and doing a little hair here and there in a salon that we built in our home. We also have a little side business selling vinyl lettering, which I hope to get into some more once I stay home.

It's been so fun to read about the last 10 years of your lives. Since moving away from Rexburg I have lost all touch with everyone! It's so great to live in a day where we can catch up so quickly through the blogging world. I have a private blog, so for those of you interested, please email me or comment here with your email address, and I'll add you. My email address is

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Liz said...

Hey Karen,
I would love to see your blog. My email is My sister and I have a vinyl business too. Our company name is Whispering Walls. We started it October 2006. There is some money to be made there, but as you know, it can become quite time consuming. We make a lot of our money on Super Saturdays. Those get huge, but we are actually sellig the business at the end of July to a friend and her sister. I am excited to see your blog.