Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heidi Hayes Williams

How fun it has been to read about what everyone has been up to !! I had no idea that so many people lived so close by us...we live in North Salt Lake. Anyway, here my last 10 in a nutshell. I spent four amazing months in Ecuador working in orphanges, worked for a semester, then tranfered to BYU. I graduated in History in 2002, and married my best bud Pat that same year. He finished graduate school and played football while I worked as an orthodontic assistant in Orem. Other highlights include our kids, of course. Ben (4) who is the sweetest and most michevious rascal you ever met, PJ (2) who got his Dad's looks and his Mom's appetite, and we are expecting #3 in October, and this one is a GIRL. What in the world am I going to do with a girl??? Like I said, we now live in North Salt Lake. Pat is a pharma rep (yes, a drug dealer - but he deals insulin, so its O.K.), and I get to stay home with the kidos so they can destroy our house and not someone else's!! Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion!!

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