Friday, June 27, 2008

Damon Mortensen

Well, here is a summary of the last 10 years for me. I went to St. Louis, MO for the mission the summer right after we graduated high school. Came home and went to Ricks/BYU-I for 2 years. Played football at Ricks for a year. There were 9 of the good ol’ Rexburg boys ranging from several graduating classes that were on the team that year, so that was fun...(Gotta represent the ‘Burg). Spent a summer in Portland, OR for work. Transferred to BYU Provo and met Jessica (my wife) that fall. Spent the first year at BYU pursuing a Business Degree. Got married that April (2003). We lived in Vista, CA (San Diego area) that summer working. Got back to BYU and switched gears from Business to Exercise Science. Marriage has a funny way of making you rethink career choices. Spent 2 more years at BYU getting my BS degree and finishing pre-requisites for grad school. Gotta give a shout out to Chris Call right now. We were in 2 or 3 of the same classes together at BYU (science classes, i.e. Biology, Chemistry, etc.), and he would be doing crossword puzzles during class while the rest of us were struggling to just keep up with the instructor. Of course he would rock the class too. A genius back in the day…still a genius! Ok, back to me. We had our little girl (Brynlee) in March of 2005 just before finishing at BYU. Moved to Fullerton, CA (Orange County) that fall and started Optometry School. We had our little boy (Crew) in October of 2006. We have been enjoying our adventure here in sunny Southern California over these last few years. We have been able to go to places such as the beach & Disney Land often which our kidos absolutely love. They will most likely go into withdrawals when we move, since they don’t go more than a day or 2 without asking to go to “Mickey’s House.” We will spend August through May in Utah to finish out my last year of optometry school (rotations/externships), then move back to the ‘Burg to team up with the old man at the Rexburg Vision Center. We are excited to be almost done with school and move on to the next chapter of our lives. It will be fun to see everyone this August. See ya there


Jeppesens said...

Damon it is so good to see you and your adorable family. You kids are getting big. It is so good to be done with school!! Keep the big picture in mind these last couple months. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!!

Kelsi said...

Hey there Damon. I don't know if you remember me but my name is Kelsi Dana and I went to Jr. High with ya. Talk about a blast from the past huh? I got this website from Lisa Hart's blog and thought it would be fun to check out some friends from way back when. Just had to comment on your beautiful family. Gorgeous!! Also, my husband is currently attending school to be and optometrist. It will be an amazing career I believe. Anyway, good luck and good to see your face :)