Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Clint Nye

I’m really looking forward to getting together with everyone. It’s amazing to see how similar many of our lives are. I live close to several of you and would have never known it. So it’s going to be great catching up with all of you.

Right after graduation I moved to Utah and worked to save up for the mission. I went to Michigan. While there my family moved to Utah and I’ve been down here ever since. With no degree and no real clue of what I wanted to do, I was quickly snatched up by a door to door sales company. Thus began my marketing career. The whole talking thing really seemed to work for me and for several years I just bounced around Utah from one sales job to the next. Then just last year the most amazing thing happened… I met the most wonderful girl. My wife Crystal and I were married last year and I had the insta-family. She is from Roy, UT and played basketball at Weber State until she graduated and then a couple seasons in Romania and Luxembourg. I always wanted to marry a basketball player though I didn’t think she would be as tall as me. We have a beautiful girl, Chenielle who is almost 2. I was fortunate enough to adopt her as my own. She is absolutely incredible! As most of you know, everyday with kids is a blast.

I work in Draper, UT for the coolest company in the world, Tropical Sno Hawaiian Shave Ice as their marketing director. My little family lives in Bountiful currently. I can’t wait for the chance to move back to Idaho, though I’m not sure my wife shares that same enthusiasm. It’s been 10 years but every time I go up to fish or hunt it still feels like home. I say that now but as soon as I do move I’m sure I’ll cry about the wind and cold.

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The Liljenquist Family said...

Cool. If you are ever in vegas give me a hollar. My blog is jliljenquist.blogspot.com. Cute family you've got going.