Friday, July 11, 2008

Heath and Tricia (Merrill) Edwards

I wasn’t going to take time to do this, but since I just spent so much time reading everyone else’s and enjoying the update I thought it might be fun. I know it has shocked a couple some old classmates that Heath and I actually got married, so maybe the rest of you will get a kick out of this too!

I’ll try and make this short since it’s about two of us..

Heath went on a mission shortly after graduation to London England (South) and then went to BYU-I for awhile. In the meantime (while we were still pretty much oblivious about each others’ existence) I graduated from Ricks college and then went to BYU-Hawaii for awhile. I had TONS of fun there, playing in the ocean and studying a little psychology, but I decided to head to the BYU in Utah for some snowboarding and majored in Therapeutic Recreation. After the snowboarding (winter semester) I also served a mission to Donetsk, Ukraine. 4 days after my return I met Heath (so randomly) at a city council meeting (different story) anyway.. we hit it off and 4 months later we were married. We lived in Provo for awhile while I finished my degree, since I was closer to graduating and then moved back to Rexburg while I worked at the Behavioral Health Center in Idaho Falls and Heath worked for Weed Man (a lawn care company my dad owns) and went to school full time. Months after he started working and school, Heath’s boss quit and Heath suddenly found himself running Weed Man himself and going to school full time. It was crazy, especially after our first son Rhett was born, but Heath graduated in Marketing and Business Management and decided he likes running Weed Man, so we are now part owners in that. I do payroll for him and my dad (Merrill Landscapes), I quit doing occasional work at the BHC after our daughter was born Dec. 2007. So that’s us – our kids are now 2 ½ and 6 months, we live here in town and are currently in the process of moving from our cute little starter home to a slightly bigger one that we got at a great deal in the dismal real estate market!

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