Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sterling and Suzanne (Wray) Porter

Suzi and I played rock, paper, scissors, and I lost, so here's our
life story from my point of view. After high school both Suzanne and
I went to Ricks. For the record, we weren't dating. In fact, Suzanne
was pretty disgusted with how immature I was. After that first
year, I left on my mission to Rostov, Russia. Meanwhile, Suzanne got
her Nursing degree, traveled to Mexico a bit, and moved to Logan to
attend Utah State. After two years of praying on P-day that Suzi
wouldn't be snatched up, I came home and asked her out. We dated
(long distance) for a while and got married one year after I got home
from the mish. We moved to BYU where I sang in some choirs and got my degree in Computer Science. While at BYU, we had our little boy, Parley, who is now almost four. I started a Masters program at BYU, but after an internship at Microsoft, I decided academia wasn't for me. So I quit school and started working as the CTO of Sewell Direct, an online retailer of consumer electronics and AV equipment. I'm still there and loving it. I also do software development for other companies on the side to earn money so that we can afford the gas to drive to the reunion :). We now live in Lehi. By the way, during the internship I mentioned, we had our little girl, Charlotte, who is almost two. We're currently expecting another girl in October.

Suzanne is grateful to be able to stay home with our kids and practice
her Nursing skills on cuts, bruises, compound fractures, psychiatric
episodes, and even life threatening conditions like her husband's bad
breath. Seriously, she is a beautiful, talented lady, and I'm so glad
I was able to marry my dream girl.

In closing, I think what I miss most about high school is that lunch
cart with the cinnamon rolls and those peanut butter bars. See you at
the reunion.

P.S. Our blog is at Where's yours?

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Price said...

Hey sterling.

I also crash in Lehi quite often. Where do you live?