Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Natalie Liljenquist Clark

I can't believe how quickly the past ten years have gone! I love hearing from everyone. Here's my update:

I attended and cheered at Ricks College until 1999, went to ISU for a semester, and graduated from BYU with a BA in English in 2001. I worked in Salt Lake in public relations/human resources and fell in love at first sight when I met my husband Adam at my family's ward (my family moved to Utah in 2000). We married in 2002 and moved to St. George where I continued in the PR realm. Adam graduated from Dixie College and we moved to Sandy; he graduated from the U of U in 2005 and I worked as an executive assistant and a freelance writer for a few scrapbooking magazines and real estate websites. We were both accepted to Thomas M. Cooley Law School, but decided to try to have a baby and I took the mom route instead of the attorney route (I'm glad I did; law school isn't my cup of tea!). We were lucky and had Amber in March 2005, then packed up and moved to Lansing, Michigan later that year.
We thought it was so fun to have a daughter that we wanted another one soon after; Karli was born in June 2006 while Adam was in his second year of law school. I continued freelancing and became accustomed to flying to Utah every semester during finals so Adam could have some peaceful study time and the kids and I could hang out with our long, lost families. We lived the student lifestyle for the rest of that year and some of the next, until we moved to St. George, Utah for the summer while Adam did an internship at a small firm there. It was a blast, and we were sad to see the decaying condition of our neighborhood in Lansing when we returned. With drug deals, gunfights, domestic violence, and other crimes happening right outside our door every day, we have both come to appreciate the calm, boring lives we enjoyed in Idaho and Utah!
We had our first son, Rex, on May 2, 2008, just two days before Adam started his last semester of school. I have been teaching a tumbling class for our girls and their friends and I do some freelance graphic design work once in a while. I love being able to stay home with our kids to witness all the funny things they do and say. We have had a wonderful time learning about life outside of the conservative bubble and are excited to move on to the next phase of our lives. Adam is done with classes and is working as an intern for a firm here until Labor Day (yay!), after which we plan to move back to Alpine. We have a blog that you're welcome to check out if you're interested; the link is in the sidebar. I hope to be able to see you all sometime soon, like before our kids are in high school and we reconvene in 2018. Have a great summer and have a blast at the reunion!


markandsusanna said...

Such a cute family! I tried to email my 10year story, but I am a little computer handicapped. Will you email me your email? It is
Thanks so much for setting up the blog this is so fun!

jennifer said...

Cute family!! I hope we make it out in time for the reunion. I am set to be induced on the 11th if this baby doesn't decide to come on her own. Take care and hopefully we'll see you in August!